CT vaccine exemption law is
straight forward:


Submit your own statement of vaccine exemption,

There is no need to use an official form, but most schools are not aware that the law allows parents to write their own statement of exemption.

Public / Private School Exemption PDF

Pre-school / Daycare exemption PDF



Contacting your Connecticut legislator

To find your Connecticut representative & state senator

Learn about the current laws and various proposed bills. Build a rapport with your local legislators and talk to them about what is important to you and your family.

Nation wide push to eradicate your right

You may already be aware of the national sweep to eradicate Americans' right to informed consent for vaccinations. Bills are currently on the table in many states that will reduce citizens' rights to refuse or even delay vaccinations. There are bills to force adult immunizations in many occupations, as well as laws for procedures to track the vaccine status of all people. Concerned citizens need to act in order to preserve the right to govern our own bodies, make medical choices for our own children, and maintain privacy with these decisions.

How we have been impacting Connecticut laws

Since 2015, HCCT has effectively worked alongside representatives from the National Vaccination Information Center (NVIC.org) to maintain our rights to medical choice, religious freedom, and informed consent. They work tirelessly to support parents’ authority in all medical decisions including vaccines. The organizations who are lobbying for these bills that attempt to restrict vaccine exemptions are well funded, and even their “grassroots” groups are hired hands. We have established our presence at the Connecticut Capitol. No amount of money can buy the passion of parents who have seen their child suffer injury from a vaccine, nor the fervor of health care workers who are forced to endure injections to keep their jobs.

How you can help and stay up-to-date on upcoming bills

We ask you to join us in our efforts to maintain our rights. During the legislation sessions which runs approximately January through June each year , HCCT works hard to stay updated on all proposed bills which may impact our parental rights to medical choice. We provide alerts with information and contact information so that residents know who to contact lawmakers and therefore express their concerns accordingly. It is crucial that legislators hear from you and that you show up at the Capitol. As public hearings arise, residents are encouraged to attend in person. Remember that while we are a non-partisan group, we encourage citizens to research their districts' candidates and inquire about important issues. As appropriate, we also encourage people to educate lawmakers and candidates on the current vaccine schedule, their personal stories, and the real risks of vaccines.

Did you know that pregnant women were once discouraged from all vaccinations and pharmaceuticals yet today vaccination during pregnancy is highly encouraged?